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Crossroads 2015 - Forjando el Éxito en Liderazgo Biocultural

Por Kael Shipman 18 de Enero de 2015

Con los últimos ecos del 2015 Festival de Jazz de Panamá aún resonando en nuestro oídos, echamos la vista atrás para tener una perspectiva más amplia sobre otra exitosa visita de la Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences de Los Ángeles, California. Esta fue la tercera visita de Crossroads a Panamá y a la Reserva Valle del Mamoní, con la agradable sorpresa de volver a ver a varios estudiantes que ya vinieron el año pasado y que repitieron éste.

El programa de este año comenzó con una estancia en Centro Mamoní de Earth Train para, a continuación, complementar la experiencia de los estudiantes en la ciudad con el Festival de Jazz de Panamá. Aprovechamos nuestra estancia en la ciudad para analizar los enormes cambios, tanto positivos como negativos, que Panamá está experimentando, y embarcamos a los estudiantes en un viaje intelectual a través de los contrastes entre lo que habían vivido en la Reserva Valle del Mamoní y lo que estábamos contemplando en el área metropolitana de Panamá que ha sufrido una rápida expansión.

Contemple esta recopilación de fotos de las aventuras de los estudiantes en Panamá:

Does everyone remember how Leo got THREE ENTREES? The first trip in our faithful yellow bus. Crossing the Río Mamoní Aaron beating the rapids TEAMWORK. Way to go, guys. Don't they look a little like seals sunning themselves? Just a liiiiittle bit of work to make it mean something... Signing the Junglewood Cornerstone Kids from Colon's Cambio Creativo Cambio Creativo's act Followed by Crossroads' act Finally, the CC kids cranked the tunes and started up the Panamanian typical dance. Aaron quickly jumped on the opportunity Then Bella got a skirt on and the cultures swirled... Crossroads drew quite a crowd for their Master Class The kids even got to sign some autographs at the end! And then the red carpet unrolled... for Crossroads! (Gala opening event at the National Theater) Performance day and Blake is ripping Sol can't help but get down There was an art group there sketching the performance Shea followed with contributions from various Panamanian artists And then we saw RUBEN BLADES with DANILO PÉREZ! And then we got BACK STAGE WITH DANILO PÉREZ! The following day was the performance of the Pan-American Millennial All-Stars Danilo and John Patitucci were in attendance Kind of Blue, at the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal Leo taking "Selfie with Ship" - part of his newest exhibit, "Selfie with __________" Fantastically, we discovered a whole floor that was open and no one knew about - our own private viewing deck. Then we rushed off to the Reception at Earth Train's Casa Arias Bella singing with Panamanian star vocalist Yomira John And then there was a HUGE DANCE PARTY at the Ateneo, as Pedrito Martínez lit it up. Our last day started off with an extensive tour of the Biomuseo The Panamarama, about to begin Panama: Bridge of Life And here's Aaron with a bunch of fish heads Lunch was simple Finally, a shot with Pedrito Martínez!! Shea was invited on stage for the final performance of the festival

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