Contented Hearts on Children's Day

By Elliot Blumberg 22 July, 2015

Shoutout to all the moms that make Children’s Day possible! Thanks for all the hard work! Devon and Kirsten color with the kids of San José The boys coloring on the comedor floor Pablo, co-director of food production and community outreach, premieres Tarzan to an excited crowd of young ones Rachel, co-director of food production and community outreach, helps prepare the day’s lunch Pool party! We inflated the kayaks and brought out the wind-surfer for everyone to enjoy And to top off the day, breaking the piñata

Despite an enormous rainstorm that made complicated transport, Children’s Day at Centro Mamoní went off without a hitch. We picked up the students, parents and teacher from San José and returned for a day of coloring, cartoons, piñatas, food and playing in the pool.

Kael, Rachel and our awesome volunteers - Bonnie, Devon and Kirsten - colored with the kids while the parents prepped lunch. Afterwards, Pablo premiered the animated film Tarzan for the kids - a visual delicacy for people in the valley, many of whom don’t have access to TV or the internet. Everyone took special care while playing in the pool, but that didn’t stop us having fun, which continued with breaking the piñata.

Overall, it was a positive day and we can’t wait for the next excuse to bring up San José’s students!

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