Corazones Contentos Meet the GRIT-lings

By Elliot Blumberg 19 July, 2015

Setting out for the day: GRIT-lings become adept at truck-bed riding. No man, woman or child alive can wear that hat as well as our own Mark Knetsch. Many hands make light work! The team gets digging on four new raised beds. The team earned a midday break after hours of hard work. Notice the many bowls next to Kael. Eat up! Yet another day of character-building labor - thanks to the hours of work put in by Pablo and Rachel.

Another synergistic energy between Earth Train programs has descended upon San José! Corazones Contentos has teamed up with GRIT to build four more raised beds to provide future food security in San José and alleviate the town’s dependence on food donations. This (and all other work on the garden) are the product of hours of work from Earth Train’s co-directors of food production systems and community management, Rachel Worthington and Pablo Tocalini. Way to go, team!

Corazones Contentos hopes to replicate this technique in all four villages of the valley, bringing food security and a big boost in quality of life to everyone in Mamoní.

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