Linton Island and the Colon Coast

By Elliot Blumberg 11 July, 2015

A red spider monkey surveys his surroundings Mark poses for the camera in front of tent city We finally have an answer to the ancient, burning question: do monkeys like peanut butter? Definitely. Michael, Kennedy and Margaret prep food for the animals at Safarick’s Zoo Jackson preps a food puzzle for tamarin monkeys A peacock looks quizzically at the camera Kennedy feeds a toucan

“MONKEYS!” Would be the main headline following Linton Island.

After the packed days at Centro Mamoní, the EELs headed out to Hinton Island, where a failed scientific effort to reintroduce spider monkeys (who were bred in captivity) to the wild has left the remaining critically endangered primates to fend for themselves - and steal food from visitors. We roughed it in the tents under a couple of tarp roofs and tried not to bother our fellow primate friends.

The next day, we packed up and napped on our way to Safarick’s Zoo, where the EELs, through help from our own Halit Khoshen, made enrichment meals for various species. Thanks so much, Halit!

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