Earth Train launches "Corazones Contentos" Program in the Mamoní Valley

By Kael Shipman 27 May, 2015

Corazón Contento :) We presented a photo of the ISP kids who helped with the drive. ET staff Pablo Tocalini explaining where he's from ET intern Nelson Reed participated To unload the food, kids made a chain Kids explained to Gabriel, Rachel and Pablo of ET their current situation Oinét and Luís explain the "Huertos Escolares" program Thanks everyone!!

Today we officially launched our Corazones Contentos Program in the Mamoní Valley. The program addresses the urgent need for food security in the Valley's rural communities, and was kicked off with a food drive to fill the gap between now and harvest time.

A special thanks goes out to James Mattiace and all the folks at ISP, as well as Victor Simone and our friends at the MET for pushing to make this food drive a huge success. We raised almost 800 pounds of food, as well as over $300 as an unexpected jumpstart to cover program expenses like transport, seeds, basic tools and other such things.

Next week we'll be calling a meeting among families in the community to assess what they see as the needs at hand and to initiate the process of assembling a committee among community members. Stay tuned for updates and service opportunities as we confirm the details and timeframe of the program!

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