A Different Kind of Carnaval

By Elliot Blumberg 14 February, 2015

Nathan, Marilyn and Clara observe the hanging flower of a heliconia The heliconia gives sustenance and respite to surrounding fauna A tiger bromeliad spreads its leaves from the trunk of its host A green butterfly rests on a leaf Nathan, Marilyn, Luis and Clara rest above La Madroñita Falls Peace lilies spring up from rocks right Mushrooms spring from the side of a fallen tree A narrow falls provides water fresh enough to drink

Carnaval: a wonderful excuse to take off work, walk or ride downtown, crack open a beer, dance and get sprayed in the chest by a firehose. If you’re a parent or enjoy peace a quiet, it may be the excuse you need to get out of dodge for a few days until the noise and parties blow over.

In any case, we’re sure you won’t be surprised to learn that some Earth Train staff and company enjoyed Carnaval from the gorgeous green perch of Centro Mamoní. It could have been either the gorgeous surroundings, exhilarating hikes or the personal concert from Panama’s incredibly talented Yomira John, but in any case, smiles plastered the faces of everyone there. Check out some of the highlights of our hike to La Madroñita in these photos.

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