Restless Creatives Wraps Up

By Elliot Blumberg 2 February, 2015

During the last week of January, a pack of restless creatives followed, accompanied, and sometimes led our Earth Train teammates through the Mamoní Valley along the continental divide for a two-day hiking and kayaking adventure before settling in for two unforgettable nights in Guna Yala. Our guests delighted in the natural splendor that the Mamoní Valley and Guna Yala provide.

To start, we enjoyed a dip at Junglewood Falls, working as a team to remove a fallen tree from the depths of our favorite jumping spots. Nathan trained the newcomers in Kayaking 101, while Lider hung hammocks for a brief jungle respite before the hike and ride up to Centro Mamoní.

Every night we reveled in the tunes from two of our more musical creatives – Juanito Pascual and Richie Barshay. Acoustic guitar strummed by Juanito’s long fingernails and genuine rainforest-made percussion instruments tapped and banged by Richie’s hands and mallets rang through the night at the Comedor.

Our transcontinental kayaking trip took us through Earth Train’s portions of the valley, descending to the Cangandi River to kayak and camping for a night on the river before continuing on to the Guna village of Cangandí. After a meal and introduction to the entire village in the Onmakked Nega, the team hit their hammocks (or tents) for some well-deserved sleep.

The next morning, we ventured from the mainland to the ocean on a boat and landed on the Guna island of Asserdup for some R&R – snorkeling, hammock-lying and beers on the beach.

As if a transcontinental kayaking trip wasn’t enough, the journey wrapped up at Panama City’s famous Biomuseo, where Lider led a tour with part of the museum’s architectural team (and Restless Creative participants!) Anand Devarajan and Patrick Dillon. Princeton University’s a capella team, Shere Khan A Capella, sang with Panama’s own Yomira John. Big shoutout and thanks to all the artists, and a video to come!

The trip saw exhilarated faces and new experiences for our guests and staffers. We absolutely can not wait for round two.

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