News for October, 2014

Earth Train Intern Cameron Harnish Writes About His River Trip to Cangandi, Guna Yala

By Kael Shipman 25 October, 2014

Earth Train Intern Cameron Harnish participated in an exploratory journey from Earth Train's Centro MamonĂ­ Campus over the continental divide and down the Cangandi river into the Guna town of Cangandi. This unique trip was organized by Earth Train Leadership and Guide Program Director, Kike Arias, to further a dialog with the Guna mainland community of Cangandi about how Earth Train can collaborate with community leaders in the development of economic and cultural opportunities.

Cameron wrote about his experiences in Cangandi and at Earth Train on his blog, Filling the Gap.

Earth Train in La Zahina to Help Facilitate a Town Meeting

By Kael Shipman 19 October, 2014

This Sunday we went to the rural valley community of La Zahina to work with local political voice Vicente Miranda in the formation of a Committee to agitate for the paving and regular maintenance of the road from the Panamerican Highway to the community. The road—a 22 kilometer stretch through rural Panama and a relic from the military rule of Manuel Noriega—is sorely neglected, and its poor conditions is a major hindrance to the prospects of economic development in the valley, leaving residents of La Zahina and other valley communities with few options other than subsistence farming.

Earth Train has been working with valley communities, and La Zahina in particular, to promote community and political organization, with hopes that increased structure will create not only stronger relationships between community members, but also increased chances of joining the political process down in the bustling urban sphere.

With the formation of this committee, democratically elected community representatives will be able to hold regular meetings with representatives in the regional capital, Chepo, and will be able to track progress on their requests for a paved road to their community.

Earth Train staff Gerardo Ochoa has been leading this initiative, with funds generously donated by the Alstom Corporation for community engagement.

Earth Train Celebrates the Official Grand Opening of Panama's Frank Gehry-Designed Biomuseo with Museum Staff and Special Guests

By Kael Shipman 1 October, 2014

Earth Train founder and Executive Director Nathan Gray was invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Photo Credit: Biomuseo

Panama's Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo celebrated its official opening ceremony, with past and current Panamanian presidents in attendance along with a number of other special guests. Earth Train's Nathan Gray was invited to attend this exciting event in representation of the special programming partnership that Earth Train has with the Biomuseo.

Frank Gehry principal partner, Anand Devarajan, delivered the official commencement speech in the museum's grand Atrium. Then, the museum displayed a special video created by Earth Train in collaboration with UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall, in which Dr. Goodall expresses her gratitude to Frank Gehry and the BioMuseum directors for embracing and celebrating biocultural diversity in Panama and in the world at large. Check out the video here:

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