News for July, 2014

The First Mamoní Pool Party: Thank You Hubbard Family Swim School!!

By Kael Shipman 15 July, 2014

Mark Knetsch and Adriano Diaz-Gray enjoying a romp in the pool Mark and neighbor Samuel playing on the Wind Surfer King of the Hill! Neighbors Sherlyn and Yineika battle it out MET students gear up to work on preparing the ground for the pool MET students and principal Rick Hengelbrok work on removing "The Rock" MET students fortified the embankment with stones More MET students moving another enormous rock Work begins in earnest Rebar laid, first stretches of concrete down Mixing concrete in the deep end Almost done with the floor! The floor completely poured Leandro working the embankment Lead contractor Mr. Buendía Leandro, Rolando, Gabriel, and the crew that made the pool happen First filling!!

In the warm, late-afternoon sun in the Mamoni Valley, Earth Train staff, volunteers, and children from San José de Madroño had their first dip in Earth Train's recently finished regulation-size swimming pool. Seven kids and a few adult chaperones—including San José's primary school teacher, Marcelino—joined the Diaz-Gray family, Mark Knetsch and volunteers Margaret Haltom and Brian Lester as they splashed in the cool mountain waters.

The party was a blast, and we'd like to thank everyone who made it possible. Our deepest gratitude goes to the Hubbard Family Swim School, whose generous donation made this pool a reality. Thanks also to Rolando Toribio for his leadership, and Panamanian contractor Bienvenido and his team of workers who built the pool piece by piece from the ground up. Thanks to the many hands that helped along the way, including the staff and students at the Metropolitan School of Panama; to Leandro Toribio and Gabriel Salazar for their constant attention and collaboration; to Mark Knetsch and Margaret Haltom who organized this inaugural event.

We can't wait to complete the tiling, landscaping and amenities. Until then, stay tuned for the next Centro Mamoní Pool Party Bonanza!

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