News for February, 2014

Richie Barshay at the Mamoní Valley Preserve

By Kael Shipman 25 February, 2014

At the end of the Panama Jazz Festival, we had the pleasure of hosting world-class percussionist Richie Barshay and 5-time Grammy Award-winning sound engineer and producer Rob Griffin at the Mamoní Valley Preserve. During their visit, Richie took a moment to experiment with the sounds of nature, while Rob filmed on his iPhone.

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This video is funky, yet it succeeds in conveying Richie's spontaneous joy in composing in nature, it's a harbinger of the greatness to come out of our inventive partnership with Mother Nature, Artistic Director. And her lead partner is Rob Griffin—the co-founder of Junglewood. While he started out his impressive career in music as a guitarist, we love and welcome him as the Pied Piper of Junglewood.

- Nathan Gray, Co-Executive Directory of Earth Train

Festival de Liderazgo Biocultural: Un Resumen

By Kael Shipman 10 February, 2014

¡Llegó la traducción al Español del resumen de nuesto exitoso Festival de Liderazgo Biocultural de Noviembre de 2013! Descárgalo aquí.

Our Spanish-language translation of Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership has just been released. Read it here.

Go Wild! with Jane Goodall Workshop in Musicalion

By Halit Khoshen 1 February, 2014

Go Wild! con Jane Goodall en Musicalion

"Killing Isn't the Answer"

Go Wild! con Jane Goodall en Musicalion

"The Mystery of the Carey Tortoise"

Go Wild! con Jane Goodall en Musicalion

"Counting Butterflies: Our Forest's Thermometer"

The 31st of January, 2014, Go Wild! with Jane Goodall was proud to present a workshop at Musicalion, before thousands of spectators, children and adults alike.

Pablo Arosemena and Paola Espino, both 5th graders and devoted lovers of snakes, spiders and scorpions, presented "Killing is not the Answer", with the goal of teaching other kids that even if some animals are ugly or dangerous, that doesn't mean we have to kill them. Pablo and Paola explained how these animals help us, and how to avoid unpleasant encounters with them. They finished their presentation by passing around their own educational drawings so that children in the crowd could color them.

Juliana Etchelecu of the 7th grade presented her documentary "The Mystery of the Carey Tortoise", which she and her classmate, Juliette Orillac, filmed and edited as part of an interactive lesson they designed for kindergarteners. Their goal was that the kids would bring their message about the urgency of protecting the Carey Tortoise home to their families, and in so doing, help curb the consumption of the tortoise's eggs and meat.

Andrew Eisenmann of the 6th grade spoke of the marvellous world that exists right in our own garden: the world of the butterflies. Through his project "Counting Butterflies: the Thermometer of Our Forests", he presented interesting facts about butterflies, like how when they flap their wings while resting, they're actually warming up their muscles for the next flight. The workshop ended with hundreds of kids painting butterflies, which they then glued onto an enormous banner of butterflies.

We'd like to thank the Fundacion Aria, and especially Madelaine Leignadier, for inviting us to participate in this marvellous cultural activity. This was an excellent opportunity for our passionate young program participants to transmit their love of nature and wildlife to a wider audience throughout the country.

Please go to our Facebook page to see photos of the event.


Halit Khoshen, MSc.

Program Director
Go Wild! con Jane Goodall

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