News for January, 2014

Interview with Tinka Plese from the AIUNAU Foundation

By Halit Khoshen 31 January, 2014

Los Animales También Cuentan

"Animals Count, Too"

Los Animales También Cuentan (Animals Count, Too) is a web page made by 6th grader Andrea Sanchez. The goal of the page is to get people to realize that animals count, too; so that people learn to avoid running over animals on the highway, since even if an animal isn't endangered, it still has a right to live.

Recently, Andrea interviewed Tinka Plese, MSc, founder and director of AIUNAU, a shelter for rescued sloths, armadillos and anteaters in Colombia. We invite you to read the interview and find out more about the work that AIUNAU does, as well as learn a few tips regarding what to do when you find a sloth crossing the road or an orphaned baby sloth.

Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences is here!

By Kael Shipman 14 January, 2014

The Crossroads group at Junglewood Falls in the Mamoní Valley Preserve Nathan Gray leading the group at Junglewood Falls A practice session at the Comedor Bella Porter with flowers in her hair Earth Train's wonderful hospitality staff A presentation about Earth Train and the Mamoní Valley Preserve Líder Sucre leading a hike to La Zahina A centipede Jeremy Alexander MacKenzie Kugel Bella Porter Shea Welsh, Sol Fagenson, Bella Porter and others from Crossroads and Earth Train The whole Crossroads group, plus Líder Sucre Shea Welsh Evan Avery Zack Sekoff Bella Porter MacKenzie Kugel Shea Welsh getting schooled by some kids in La Zahina Catriona y Catarina Zack Sekoff on the bucket Evan Avery on his trumpet Taylor Mackall, MacKenzie Kugal and Zach Tabori Earth Train's Raúl Mezúa on guitar Taylor Mackall and MacKenzie Kugal Bella Porter Earth Train's Kael Shipman plays "Gracias a la Vida" by Violetta Parra

Earth Train, through our arts-and-nature program Junglewood, hosted the Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences during the week of the Panama Jazz Festival. We were honored and thrilled to have these extraordinary young performers in from Santa Monica, CA for this week of music and exploration. They are accompanied by the guitarist and executive director of Junglewood, Shea Welsh; Crossroads music teacher Evan Avery; and Spanish teacher Molly Cavallaro.

To start the week off, we spent three days and two nights at Earth Train's Centro Mamoní in the Mamoní Valley Preserve. We introduced the students to the location of the future Junglewood sustainable artistic and cultural community at the eastern entrance to the Mamoní Valley Preserve. Led by Earth Train's naturalist and co-executive director Lider Sucre, they took hikes through the back-country to visit a few very special spots in the Preserve. On the last night, after a long day of hiking, the enchantment of Junglewood reined as all of us took up a variety of instruments, including an improvised bamboo pipe drum, to create unforgettable music inspired by Nature.

It was truly an honor and a joy to have the Crossroads students and teachers with us this week. We thank them all for being such wonderful guests and Junglewood partners.

Highlights from the Conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall

By Halit Khoshen 2 January, 2014

Interview with Dr. Jane Goodall

Highlights from the live webcast with Dr. Jane Goodall

Winners of the first Go Wild! with Jane Goodall contest got the opportunity to participate in a conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall that was transmitted live via in La Prensa's youth channel APRENDO. We invite you to see 4 videos with highlights from the conversation.

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