Interview with Tinka Plese from the AIUNAU Foundation

By Halit Khoshen 31 January, 2014

Los Animales También Cuentan

"Animals Count, Too"

Los Animales También Cuentan (Animals Count, Too) is a web page made by 6th grader Andrea Sanchez. The goal of the page is to get people to realize that animals count, too; so that people learn to avoid running over animals on the highway, since even if an animal isn't endangered, it still has a right to live.

Recently, Andrea interviewed Tinka Plese, MSc, founder and director of AIUNAU, a shelter for rescued sloths, armadillos and anteaters in Colombia. We invite you to read the interview and find out more about the work that AIUNAU does, as well as learn a few tips regarding what to do when you find a sloth crossing the road or an orphaned baby sloth.

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