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APRENDO Interviews Dr. Jane Goodall

By Halit Khoshen 22 November, 2013

Interview with Jane Goodall

Interview with Jane Goodall

Wendy Tribaldos of APRENDO interviewed Dr. Jane Goodall during the Go Wild! with Jane Goodall event on the 15th of November, 2013. See the video here.

Earth Train's Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership with Jane Goodall - Nov 12th through Nov 15th

By Kael Shipman 21 November, 2013

Welcome to Earth Train's Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership Catriona and Noeineth Logistics Building the tools Gabriel and Leandro, in from Centro Mamoní Kael pretending to help Sunrise Ceremony: Uniting the Condor and the Eagle Sunrise Ceremony: Uniting the Condor and the Eagle Celebration: Uniting the Condor and the Eagle Celebration: United the Condor and the Eagle Panama is Our Museum: Girls in Traditional Polleras Panama is Our Museum: Jane Goodall gets a tour of the BioMuseo Panama is Our Museum: Kids from Colon dancing Panama is Our Museum: High school kids in a traditional Panamanian Dance Panama is Our Museum: Kids from Guna Yala drumming with Alfredo Hidrovo Panama is Our Museum: Kids from Gramo Danse doing acrobatic dance Panama is Our Museum: Brader high school finishes their presentation Smithsonian Crane Experience with Jane Goodall, for Go Wild! contest winners Jane Goodall looks up at the Canopy Crane Jane Goodall with a Go Wild! contest winner Go Wild: Contest winner Pablo Arosemena asks Dr. Goodall a question Go Wild: Dr. Jane Goodall with Halit Khoshen and Lider Sucre Go Wild: Mark Knetsch and Catarina Diaz setting up Go Wild: Dr. Goodall plays GoFrogoly

Reflections on our remarkable week with Jane Goodall and friends

In the second week of November a remarkable mix of people joined the primatologist Jane Goodall in Panama for five days of dialogue and cultural events under the banner of “Biocultural Leadership”.

Download the essay in english here and in spanish here.

Our most sincere gratitude to our collaborators and sponsors who made this successful event possible. Thank you!

Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership—Collaborators & Sponsors


Photos from the Go Wild! with Jane Goodall Event

By Halit Khoshen 20 November, 2013

Animals Count, Too!

Go Wild! with Jane Goodall

The 15th of November, during the week of Earth Train's Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership, the 38 winners, their teacher-guides, and the judges of the first Go Wild! with Jane Goodall Wildlife Conservation Contest enjoyed an afternoon with Dr. Jane Goodall.

The afternoon began with project set-up, followed by a conversation between Dr. Jane Goodall and the youth participants. Finally, Dr. Goodall reviewed the projects and led the certificate ceremony with the kids. The day ended with a private talk between Dr. Jane Goodall and the teachers, coordinators and judges of the program.

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Thank You Everyone!

By Kael Shipman 18 November, 2013

Earth Train Production Crew

Thanks to the Earth Train Production Crew and all the other folks who helped!

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

Earth Train's Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership has laid some very important foundations, and we're proud to say it was a huge success! We look forward to continuing our work together with Four Worlds International Institute, Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots, Panama's Biomuseo, the Panama International Hotel School, and all the other people and organizations that made this week what it was. Thank you!

Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership, Day Four: Go Wild!

By Kael Shipman 15 November, 2013

Kids explain their project to Jane Goodall

Contest winners explain their project to Dr. Goodall

Photo: Nathan Gray, Earth Train

This was the final day of Earth Train's Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership with Jane Goodall, and we're sad to see it end! We started today off with a canopy tour for Dr. Goodall in the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Canopy Crane, accompanied by two of the winning students from Earth Train's Go Wild! wildlife conservation contest.

After that, we gathered at the MET in the City of Knowledge for the official presentations of the 40 Go Wild! contest winners. They ranged from colorful informational books to creative board games to websites, cookbooks and more. The participants demonstrated impressive creativity and motivation, and we were thrilled that they got to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Kids with Jane, Halit and Lider for Go Wild!

Jane Goodall, Halit Khoshen and Lider Sucre with Kids from Go Wild!

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

As part of the prize for having worked so hard on their wildlife conservation and awareness projects, the kids got to sit for 2 hours with Dr. Goodall in a question-and-answer session that was broadcast live on the internet by La Prensa. In this unique session, the kids got to talk to Dr. Goodall about her personal thoughts regarding Panama, it's culture, it's ecosystem and the way it relates to the bigger picture of wildlife conservation and Biocultural renewal.

Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership Day Three: A Day at the Museum

By Kael Shipman 14 November, 2013

Cambio Creativo of Colón

Cambio Creativo of Colón

Photo: Anna Gili, Earth Train

Panama is Our Museum

The main event of the day was a big one, introducing an important theme in the cultural and ecological thoughtscape of Panama and the world. With "Panama is Our Museum", Earth Train and Panama's Biomuseo—the Frank Gehry-designed museum of Biological Diversity—sought to promote the idea that the beauty of Panama is all around us, from the primary rain forests of Darien and Earth Train's own Mamoní Valley Preserve right down to the trees growing out of the rooftops in Panama City's Casco Viejo—and that the people and culture of Panama form an integral part of that beauty.

For Panama is Our Museum, we invited 8 groups of kids from various grass-roots NGOs around Panama to present works of theater, music and dance to demonstrate aspects of Panamanian culture and appreciation for Panama's native flora and fauna. Among the invites were Gramo Danse, Cambio Creativo, OJEWP, Fundación Trabajando por un Futuro Mejor, Alouatta Sanctuary, Eco Creando, Misión Águila Harpia of the Brader Highschool and an independent group of kids from the village of Cangandi in the Guna Yala.

Halit Khoshen dancing with a guest

Earth Train's Halit Khoshen dancing with a guest

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

Among the truly memorable highlights of the event was an interactive drum circle lead by Panamanian percussionists Alfredo Hidrovo and Eric Blanquicet in which the children were instructed to drum specific rhythms on plastic buckets. Alfredo has been hosting the so-called Luna Llena de Tambores in Panama for 3 years now and it was a thrill to have him lead the show in the Old Officers' Club at the Bio Museum for us. With 90 kids from diverse backgrounds around Panama, the energy was high, and even Jane got a dance in!

While in attendance, the kids enjoyed bagged lunches delivered by the Panama International Hotel School and got to be the first group of kids ever to tour the yet-to-be-opened Bio Museum galleries!

Junglewood Picnic

After the kids' amazing performances were over, we shifted into the evening event, an informal gathering to highlight the continuing development of Junglewood, a collaboration between Earth Train and Fundación Danilo Pérez. Also fully catered by the Panama International Hotel School, the event kicked off with a showing of Earth Train's newest documentary short, followed by a surprise performance by students and staff from Fundación Danilo Pérez and an exciting new composition by Shea Welsh based on a traditional Guna song performed live together with a child from Cangandi.

An hour of music ensued, featuring performances by guitarist Julian Lage, percussionist Tupac Mantilla, guitarist Juanito Pascual, guitarist Shea Welsh, violinist Graciela Núñez and Bassist Brad Barrett, after which the audience was lead by Tupac Mantilla in a collaborative percussion piece performed on pieces of bamboo from Earth Train's Mamoní Valley Reserve. The day was exhausting, but a profound success! Thanks to the whole Earth Train team who made all this possible and a special thanks to our friends at the Biomuseo for rolling with the punches today!

Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership Day Two: A Spiritual Connection

By Kael Shipman 13 November, 2013

Setting up the Gun Hill Healing Ceremony

Setting up for the Gun Hill Healing Ceremony

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

Gun Hill Healing Ceremony

Day two started early: at 6:00am, we gathered at the base of Gun Hill—what used to be the US armory overlooking the Panama Canal—for a ceremony of spiritual healing and rebirth. Gun Hill sits as the centerpiece of Panama's City of Knowledge and has enormous potential as a place for learning and leadership development.

The ceremony—lead by Chief Phil Lane, Jr. as well as important elders from the Ngöbe of Chiriquí, the Guna from the Atlantic coast, and the Emberá/Wounaan of the Darien—represented a new beginning for this landmark and served as an opportunity to build a context for the much-anticipated show, The Reconnection of the Eagle and Condor which followed tonight.

Emberá girls dancing

Emberá girls in a traditional dance

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

Reconnection of the Condor and Eagle

Held at the Ateneo in the City of Knowledge, the Reconnection of the Eagle and Condor was a colorful celebration of cultural heritage from around the Americas. Eleven groups representing a number of indigenous cultures from North and South America performed for an audience of over 400 spectators, including Dr. Jane Goodall. The performances ranged from traditional dance and song to acts of theater and even featured an exciting fusion of traditional culture with modern rock in a performance by local Guna rock band La Tribu.

Dr. Jane Goodall with Nathan Gray

Jane Goodall with Nathan Gray

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

Words from Earth Train and Jane Goodall

After the performances, we heard inspiring and hopeful words by Earth Train founder Nathan Gray and Co-Executive Director Lider Sucre, as well as a performance by the Junglewood Band, lead by Shea Welsh on electric guitar with Juanito Pascual on flamenco guitar, Tupac Mantilla on percussion and Brad Barrett on bass. Dr. Jane Goodall delivered the final note of the evening as she expressed her thoughts and opinions about the important symbolism of this cultural demonstration. Among other things, she addressed the importance of the budding partnership between Earth Train and her Roots and Shoots program, which aims to bring young people into leadership roles regarding environmentalism and wildlife conservation.

The event closed with a spontaneous gathering of all participants on stage in a pulsating chant and dance lead by Earth Train's own Raul Mezua, himself a representative of the Embera people of Darien. Thanks for a great night everyone!

An Exciting Start to the Week

By Kael Shipman 12 November, 2013

Mark Knetsch with Rose Mary Vargas and Elizabeth Araujo

Earth Train's Mark Knetsch with Rose Mary Vargas (left) and Elizabeth Araujo (right)

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

We're excited to report that we've received the first guests—a special envoy of indigenous elders from around the Americas including Elizabeth Araujo, Rose Mary Vargas, Dakota Chief Phil Lane, Jr. of the Four Worlds International Institute, and Reuben George—to kick off our week of biocultural diversity and leadership.

Our first event was tonight—the world primiere of the spanish-language version of the award winning documentary "Shift of the Ages", produced by the Four Worlds International Institute to highlight Mayan Elder Tata Cirilo Pérez, who is also a special guest in attendance during this week. We were honored to have Tata address the audience after the film showing, and look forward to more insights and perspectives from Tata, Phil, and other respected indigenous leaders from around the Americas.

Live webcast of the Go Wild! with Jane Goodall Youth Forum

By Halit Khoshen 10 November, 2013

Winners of the First Go Wild! with Jane Goodall Competition

By Halit Khoshen 2 November, 2013

We're happy to announce the winners of the first Go Wild! with Jane Goodall wildlife conservation contest. In order of age:

5th Grade:
Paola Espino and Pablo Arosemena: Killing Isn't the Solution
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
Saanvi Turki: Save the Pygmy Sloth, Save Panama
Balboa Academy
6th Grade:
Andrea Sánchez: Animals Count, Too
School Javier
María Elena Gerbaud: Golden Frogs to the Rescue
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
Andrew Eisnemann: Counting Butterflies: The Thermometer of Our Forest
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
7th Grade:
María Alejandra Chapman: A Flight for Liberty
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
Juliana Etchelecu y Juliette Orillac: The Mystery of the Carey Turtles
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
María Pinzón y Elena Chiu: The Blue Story
Balboa Academy
Sofía González: Let's Save the Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth
Balboa Academy
Anne Kathryn Carmack: Let's Save the Slimy Toad!
Metropolitan School of Panama
Gabriela Hernández e Natalia Iovane: Raccoons, Our Furry Friends
Episcopalian High School of Panama
8th Grade:
Gladys Gerbaud: Mission: Turtle Shell
Interamerican Academy of Panama
Ana Sofia Erath y Allison Perry: Save the Leatherback Sea Turtle!
Balboa Academy
Armel González y Pablo Labbate: It Doesn't Matter What
Balboa Academy
Natalia Chapman: Gofrogoly
Balboa Academy
Valeria Caballero y Gabriela Franco: Animal Trafficking in Panama
Balboa Academy
Jocelyn Moore-Gayles y Amanda S.: Save a Panamanian Beauty
Metropolitan School of Panama
9th Grade:
Isaac Andrés Parra Álvarez: Think About the Tapirs!
Metropolitan School of Panama
Maria Alejandra Ramírez y Gloria Chu: Harlequin Frog's Heroes
Metropolitan School of Panama
Emilia Franco Méndez: A sloth, a bat, and a salamander walk into an island...
Metropolitan School of Panama
Erik Torchin: Save the Reefs, Eat Lion Fish
Balboa Academy
Sofía E. Sandoval: The Rescue of Panamanian Amphibians
Episcopalian High School of Panama
10th Grade:
Natalie Raymores y María Gabriela Goti: Turning the Canal Into a Safer Home for the Manatee
Episcopalian High School of Panama
Isaac de Castro: Don't Rana Away
Maguen David Academy
11th Grade:
Jellini Mendoza y Iris Chen: EcoTurtles
The Panamerican Institute

We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to the judges, parents and teacher-guides for creating this program and for making the first competition an unforgettable learning experience for the participants:

Ada Luz Anguizola Adrián Benedetti Anayansi Castillo
Claudia Gough Craig McLaren Diana Hernández
Diorene Smith Dora Gisela Montero Gabriela Etchelecu
Edgardo Griffith Heidi Ross Ileana Cotes
Jannette I. Torres Karen Dertien Kristina Janson
Lidia Valencia Marcella Vallarino Marialba de Faraudo
Mary Burguess Melissa Watson Paulina Hurtado
Ricardo Moreno Richard Hendelbrok Roberto Ibáñez
Saskia Santamaría Stephanie Bratkovics Steven Zeff

Congratulations to the winners! We can't wait to see you the 15th of November, 2013, at the Go Wild! with Jane Goodall event!

Halit Khoshen, MSc.
Program Director
Go Wild! with Jane Goodall


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