Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership, Day Four: Go Wild!

By Kael Shipman 15 November, 2013

Kids explain their project to Jane Goodall

Contest winners explain their project to Dr. Goodall

Photo: Nathan Gray, Earth Train

This was the final day of Earth Train's Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership with Jane Goodall, and we're sad to see it end! We started today off with a canopy tour for Dr. Goodall in the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Canopy Crane, accompanied by two of the winning students from Earth Train's Go Wild! wildlife conservation contest.

After that, we gathered at the MET in the City of Knowledge for the official presentations of the 40 Go Wild! contest winners. They ranged from colorful informational books to creative board games to websites, cookbooks and more. The participants demonstrated impressive creativity and motivation, and we were thrilled that they got to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Kids with Jane, Halit and Lider for Go Wild!

Jane Goodall, Halit Khoshen and Lider Sucre with Kids from Go Wild!

Photo: Kael Shipman, Earth Train

As part of the prize for having worked so hard on their wildlife conservation and awareness projects, the kids got to sit for 2 hours with Dr. Goodall in a question-and-answer session that was broadcast live on the internet by La Prensa. In this unique session, the kids got to talk to Dr. Goodall about her personal thoughts regarding Panama, it's culture, it's ecosystem and the way it relates to the bigger picture of wildlife conservation and Biocultural renewal.

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