Winners of the First Go Wild! with Jane Goodall Competition

By Halit Khoshen 2 November, 2013

We're happy to announce the winners of the first Go Wild! with Jane Goodall wildlife conservation contest. In order of age:

5th Grade:
Paola Espino and Pablo Arosemena: Killing Isn't the Solution
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
Saanvi Turki: Save the Pygmy Sloth, Save Panama
Balboa Academy
6th Grade:
Andrea Sánchez: Animals Count, Too
School Javier
María Elena Gerbaud: Golden Frogs to the Rescue
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
Andrew Eisnemann: Counting Butterflies: The Thermometer of Our Forest
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
7th Grade:
María Alejandra Chapman: A Flight for Liberty
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
Juliana Etchelecu y Juliette Orillac: The Mystery of the Carey Turtles
Interamerican Academy of Panamá
María Pinzón y Elena Chiu: The Blue Story
Balboa Academy
Sofía González: Let's Save the Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth
Balboa Academy
Anne Kathryn Carmack: Let's Save the Slimy Toad!
Metropolitan School of Panama
Gabriela Hernández e Natalia Iovane: Raccoons, Our Furry Friends
Episcopalian High School of Panama
8th Grade:
Gladys Gerbaud: Mission: Turtle Shell
Interamerican Academy of Panama
Ana Sofia Erath y Allison Perry: Save the Leatherback Sea Turtle!
Balboa Academy
Armel González y Pablo Labbate: It Doesn't Matter What
Balboa Academy
Natalia Chapman: Gofrogoly
Balboa Academy
Valeria Caballero y Gabriela Franco: Animal Trafficking in Panama
Balboa Academy
Jocelyn Moore-Gayles y Amanda S.: Save a Panamanian Beauty
Metropolitan School of Panama
9th Grade:
Isaac Andrés Parra Álvarez: Think About the Tapirs!
Metropolitan School of Panama
Maria Alejandra Ramírez y Gloria Chu: Harlequin Frog's Heroes
Metropolitan School of Panama
Emilia Franco Méndez: A sloth, a bat, and a salamander walk into an island...
Metropolitan School of Panama
Erik Torchin: Save the Reefs, Eat Lion Fish
Balboa Academy
Sofía E. Sandoval: The Rescue of Panamanian Amphibians
Episcopalian High School of Panama
10th Grade:
Natalie Raymores y María Gabriela Goti: Turning the Canal Into a Safer Home for the Manatee
Episcopalian High School of Panama
Isaac de Castro: Don't Rana Away
Maguen David Academy
11th Grade:
Jellini Mendoza y Iris Chen: EcoTurtles
The Panamerican Institute

We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to the judges, parents and teacher-guides for creating this program and for making the first competition an unforgettable learning experience for the participants:

Ada Luz Anguizola Adrián Benedetti Anayansi Castillo
Claudia Gough Craig McLaren Diana Hernández
Diorene Smith Dora Gisela Montero Gabriela Etchelecu
Edgardo Griffith Heidi Ross Ileana Cotes
Jannette I. Torres Karen Dertien Kristina Janson
Lidia Valencia Marcella Vallarino Marialba de Faraudo
Mary Burguess Melissa Watson Paulina Hurtado
Ricardo Moreno Richard Hendelbrok Roberto Ibáñez
Saskia Santamaría Stephanie Bratkovics Steven Zeff

Congratulations to the winners! We can't wait to see you the 15th of November, 2013, at the Go Wild! with Jane Goodall event!

Halit Khoshen, MSc.
Program Director
Go Wild! with Jane Goodall


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