Earth Train's Junglewood Design Co-opetition

By Nathan Gray 1 July, 2012

Have an adventure of a lifetime on a 10,000-acre ecological reserve and in the jungles of Panama while...

  • Field testing a super light and modular tree house designed by an internationally respected architect and an award-winning bicycle designer for use in remote areas by scientists and nature photographers;
  • Working to perfect a micro hydro electric power system combined with electric ATVs for ecological field work;
  • Test the world´s lightest and toughest inflatable kayak while hiking and kayaking from the Pacific side of the continental divide across the semi-autonomous territory of the indigenous Guna to the Atlantic coast of Guna Yala;
  • Consult on sustainable green design innovation for use in the rural tropics, including in a Guna village on coastal Guna Yala;
  • Work on the design of art and craft using locally available materials and on nature publications, toys and games for children in the Americas and worldwide;
  • Discuss possible design collaboration and joint business ventures with other highly accomplished designers; engineers; artists; educators; and business owners;

All while making a lasting contribution to emerging community leaders and to the quality of life in the rural neo tropics.

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