News for January, 2011

A Transformative Experience: Crossroads School Plays Panama Jazz Festival and Visits the Mamoní Valley Preserve

By Pierre Lemerchand 20 January, 2011

Image of Crossroads Student

Jazz students from the Crossroads School in Santa Monica jumped off rocky outcrops into river pools, hiked nature trails under jungle cover and improvised riffs on Nature's raw instruments to the beats and trills of the Mamoní Valley Preserve tropical campus.

"The Panama experience was probably the most impactful, memorable, and unique field trip that Crossroads has done since its founding in 1971," Crossroads musical director Evan Avery said.

The journey began in Panama City with an Earth Train sunset rooftop reception for Earth Train supporters and community members with special performances by the Crossroads students and the Children's Chorus of Kuna Yala. Before heading off to the Preserve, Crossroads also jammed with young musicians from the Fundacion Danilo Perez and kicked off a day of Panama Jazz Festival music in front of a packed Plaza Catedral in Casco Viejo, Panama's historic district.

Avery says the Crossroads School came away from the transformative experience committed to developing a permanent relationship with Earth Train and the Mamoni Valley Preserve.

Special thanks to Earth Train's Chris Del Vecchio and Crossroads students Natanyel Levin, Adam Goldman, Henry Wass, Nick Jared, Cameron Lazar, Julian Black, Phillip Golub, Cam Johnson and teachers Shea Welsh and Evan Avery.

See you next year!

Click here to see a slideshow of Crossroads visit.

Earth Train Welcomes New Program Managers In Residence

By Pierre Lemerchand 15 January, 2011

January, 2011

Image of Mike Woolfe and Niki Blom

We welcome Mike Woolfe and Line “Niki” Blom on board the Earth Train as Program Managers in Residence at Centro Mamoní, joined by their 17-month-old daughter, Saphire.

Both Mike, from England, and Niki, from Denmark, are accomplished filmmakers with years of experience producing entertainment and educational films. Mike's film production company, Loan Woolfe Films, has served such clients as National Geographic, Discovery, and BBC Productions. His background includes teaching, carpentry, and estate management. In addition to his BA with a major in filmmaking, Mike is a graduate of the London School of British Butlers. Niki's background includes professional modeling, acting, and teaching.

Aperture: Guna Yala Learning Adventure

By Pierre Lemerchand 1 January, 2011

Image of Pierre Lemarchand

Earth Train's Director of Adventure Learning, Pierre Lemarchand, introduces Earth Train's trans-Guna Yala kayak learning adventure for youth that is being developed as part of the organization's partnership with the Guna General Congress.

Learn more from our presentation.

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