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Líder Sucre Joins Earth Train

By Chris Del Vecchio 1 September, 2010

Image of Lider Sucre

Lider Sucre, Panamanian-born and Harvard-educated, has been involved with Earth Train and the Mamoní Valley Preserve for years, but now it's official. Sucre has added the title "co-executive director" to his resume.

"After years of involvement with Earth Train, the Mamoní Valley Preserve, and Junglewood, I'm delighted to join the organization full time," Sucre said. "The Preserve is located in a biologically strategic location, and it helps protect the largest remaining tract of contiguous forest in the Chocó-Darién 'hotspot' – one of the most important and endangered rainforest biomes on earth."

As co-director with Nathan Gray, Sucre brings 10 years of experience as Executive Director of Panama's National Association for the Conservation of Nature (ANCON), one of Panama's leading environmental organizations, and as Executive Director of Fundación Amador, a non-profit entity driving the creation of the Frank Gehry-designed Museum of Biodiversity.

With ANCON, he played a key role in the creation of the Coiba National Park and in successfully stopping the proposed Cerro Puna-Boquete road through La Amistad Biosphere Reserve.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University and continues his work with the Museum of Biodiversity's committees as a board member.

Welcome aboard!

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