News for November, 2009

Release of John Perkins' Hoodwinked

By Kael Shipman 11 November, 2009

Front cover of 'Hoodwinked'

New York Times Best Selling author John Perkins' newest book, Hoodwinked, is now on sale. Rich in hard-hitting stories and insight, the book describes the deep underlying causes of the current crises and provides a blueprint for change, for creating a world our children will want to inherit.

Hoodwinked concludes with an inspiring description of the Mamoní Valley Preserve and Junglewood projects: "The Mamoní Valley Preserve... is a place to incubate dreams. The old dream was based on exploiting—conquering—nature and people. The new one is about living in harmony."

You can learn more about John's work at his website. Order Hoodwinked today through and help support the non-profit with your purchase!

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