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open quote In a phrase, we are committed to learning about nature and from nature through the full and fun engagement of mind, body, and spirit.

- Nathan Gray, on our Nature-Ed Partnership with the Metropolitan School of Panama

Students experience the material properties of bamboo in this "Star Dome" natural design workshop

Earth Train believes that every person should be an ambassador for biocultural renewal. We believe that only through close contact with—and eventually love for—nature can kids and young people really begin to carry with them and within them the purpose of biocultural renewal. Thus, it is that we seek to develop partnerships with educators and educational institutions to deliver repeatable curricula and workshops that work for them and for the young people whose lives they shape, turning learning into a fun, fully engaging and full-body experience for people of all ages.

Educators can host work shops at Earth Train's campuses, like the BISD systems thinking workshop that this young man participated in

Fill out our Program Interest Form or email our programs coordinator, for more information on programs that we already offer or on developing programs and workshops together with us.

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