Opportunities for EcoAdventurers and Families

Earth Train is seeking friends and partners to share in our mission. We don't offer tourism in the Mamoní Valley Preserve. Rather, we offer the opportunity to enjoy the bounty of our labor, and the satisfaction of supporting us in the work we do. If you love adventure, love exploring your world, love culture and believe in Earth Train's mission, we invite you to join Earth Train in being an ambassador for biocultural renewal. With your support and involvement, we can continue to bring biocultural renewal to life in the people of Panama and the world.

Please take a look at our offerings below and fill out our Program Interest Form to sign up, or email for more information.

EcoAdventure Offerings

  • Weekend Get-Away

    We often bring smaller children to paint their faces with clay from the creek

    We invite you to share a weekend with us at Centro Mamoni. Just 2 1/2 hours' drive from Panama City, Centro Mamoni offers a delightful Friday-Sunday weekend escape. Relax in a hammock and read a book, play in the river at Junglewood Falls, or take it up a knotch and enjoy a guided hike through primary and secondary rainforest. Activities and services are a la carte, and are detailed below. Prices include a donation to Earth Train's mission of promoting biocultural renewal.

    Kids and adults alike can enjoy the Vally's peaceful and crystalline streams
    • Base Cost: $40 per person per night, or $80 per family per night, including kids.
    • Transportation from the Panamerican Highway to Centro Mamoni: $70 round-trip.
    • Transportation around the Preserve: $20 per day.
    • Basic Meals: $5 per plate.
    • Gourmet Meals: $100 per day for up to 20 people.
    • Horses: $20 per horse per day.
    • Ultra-Light Inflatable Kayaks: $30 per person per day.
    • Spanish-speaking nature guide: $30 per person per day.
    • English-speaking nature guide: $30 per person per day.

    On a typical trip, a family of 4 might drive their own 4x4 up to the Center and around the Preserve, spending Friday and Saturday night with us and leaving on Sunday afternoon. They might request 4 horses on Saturday, and a nature guide on Sunday morning. Except in the case of very large groups, they would typically go with the basic meal plan. to schedule a weekend get-away at least one week in advance.

  • Deeper Experiences

    You can take a more extreme adventure across the continental divide, as these people are doing

    We've worked extremely hard to create relationships with our Guna neighbors to the north that allow us to take deep expeditions through their semi-autonomous territory, down the river Gangandi and out into the open waters of San Blas. These expeditions are rare, and are scheduled and priced on the basis of demand and current capacity. We also offer a limited variety of other multi-day deep nature experiences. Please for more information.

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