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A visiting architect explains his modular tree house design to a group of Gunas and local Panamanians

If you are interested in green business development and volunteer service opportunities, we invite you to visit Earth Train’s operations in Panama. Here is a sampling of our current work:

Forest Finance and Rainforest Capital, already collaborating with Earth Train at the Mamoní Valley Preserve, are greatly expanding forestry operations during the 2014 planting season. Rainforest Capital, which in 2013 planted 10,000 guadua bamboo (a species ideally suited to both construction and furniture-making) built a bamboo nursery as a step toward doubling the area under cultivation.

We will be conducting training and demonstration programs related to sustainable forestry practices with an emphasis on native tree species. Aided by a grant from the Alstom Foundation of France, we are looking forward to video documenting and publishing our research findings, instructional resources, and best practices.

open quote As a founding member of the Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica, it is our company's goal to make the Mamoní Valley Preserve an initiative involving neighboring organizations and private forest owners in order to have a real impact on the area while creating jobs.

- Petra Kollmannsberger, CEO Forest Finance, Panama

Earth Train and the City of Knowledge Foundation are collaborating on the building of the Green Steel Biocultural Pavilion, an outdoor amphitheater to be located on the edge of national parkland and constructed primarily of bamboo. The lead designer, working together with the Panamanian architect Patrick Dillon, is Anand Devarajan, Senior Design Partner, Gehry Partners who has been involved in the design and construction of the Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo for more than 13 years.

open quote I am excited about the opportunity to design a very special pavilion connecting the adjacent natural parkland to the City of Knowledge. With such a stunning setting, overlooking the canal valley, there is a fantastic opportunity for the structure to have a much larger influence on its surroundings. It can become a marker in the region, celebrating the intrinsic connection between knowledge, nature and place.

- Anand Devarajan, Senior Design Partner, Gehry Partner

For more information about business and design opportunities with Earth Train, contact Kael Shipman at

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