Learning, Adventure & Services Opportunities

Earth Train offers a rich menu of learning and service opportunities in Panama.

Imagine yourself...

Volunteers & Interns

Click here to explore opportunities for adventure and deep-immersion volunteerships and internships.

...totally absorbed, you're gripping an iPad to control a hex copter flying over the southwestern edge of Guna Yala, working with the Guna cartographer, Kike Arias, to photograph and map an area that was illegally deforested and occupied by a rancher....

Educators, Advisors, Program Directors

Click here to work with us on creating unique learning experiences that put your students inside of nature.

...watching proudly as your students move up the creek toward majestic La Bonita Falls. They've just planted a hectare of native specie trees on what was once pasture land, and they're moving on now to take the challenging hike that will bring them deep into a different biome...

Researchers, Graduate Students, Research Institutions

Click here to explore Earth Train as a field site for your next study in restoration ecology, sustainable livelihoods, or other related topics.

...gently holding a species of frog you've never seen before, a new species that must be endemic to this watershed. You photograph it, you catalog it, and you let it hop away to hide beneath the fallen leaves....

Business Leaders, Designers

Click here for opportunities in sustainable forestry and agriculture, green design, corporate responsibility products and more.

...in a design charet with a group of Panamanian, Colombian and US architects working on the design of a cutting edge structure made primarily of bamboo...

EcoExplorers, Families

Click here to explore our list of jungle and river adventure services, including horseback rides, kayak trips and multi-day primary forest treks.

...stalking quietly through the primary forests on the continental divide. Suddenly, your guide stops the group. You kneel beside your 8-year-old and point. His face lights up as he catches a glimpse of the howler monkeys in the trees just 50 meters away....

Mentors & Partners

Click here to find out how you can leave a lasting mark on the history of environmental leadership.

...You're waist deep in the Mamoní River at Junglewood Falls coaching a group of young Guna guides-in-training in how to handle Earth Train's light weight inflatable kayaks in white water....

See how others are getting involved

Junglewood Design: First Bamboo Design & Construction workshop with Jorg Stamm

Official Release: The Mamoni Valley Preserve Video

Corazones Contentos Plants New Seeds

GRIT Graduation

Contented Hearts on Children's Day

Corazones Contentos Meet the GRIT-lings

Happy Children's Day!

Emerging Enviromental Leaders Are in the City for Part Two of Our Urban+Environment Summer Program

Back in the City

Linton Island and the Colon Coast

The Days Are Just Packed - EELs Out of Water Meet Corazones Contentos

Into the Woods!

EEL Arrival

Work Ramps Up

Earth Train launches "Corazones Contentos" Program in the Mamoní Valley

ISP Service Learning at the Mamoní Valley Preserve


Ananda School Visit

OJEWP Comes to Centro Mamoní for a Workshop on Climate Change

The MET Meet the Guna

A Different Kind of Carnaval

MET Students Savor Nature at Centro Mamoní

Restless Creatives Wraps Up

Crossroads 2015 - Building on Success for Biocultural Leadership

A Gray Christmas

Earth Train Intern Cameron Harnish Writes About His River Trip to Cangandi, Guna Yala

Earth Train Celebrates the Official Grand Opening of Panama's Frank Gehry-Designed Biomuseo with Museum Staff and Special Guests

Rainforest Capital in Panama for Strategy Talks with Earth Train in the Mamoní Valley Preserve

Earth Train and the Alstom Corporation Sign Corporate Sponsorship Agreement

The Metropolitan School of Panama Comes to Centro Mamoni for Hikes and Workshops

Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences is here!

Mother Nature, CEO

Earth Train welcomes Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots Leaders from 12 countries to Panama

Thunderbird Business School Visit to the MVP

Montessori School

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