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Go Wild! Panamanian Wild Animal Conservation and Wellbeing is a project-based and peer-to-peer learning program powered by children and youth. Through fun educational contests and activities, the program enables young people to engage their peers in wildlife conservation and wellbeing, through action initiatives based on UNESCO's goals for environmental education and outreach programs aimed at raising awareness, increasing knowledge, and modifying attitudes and behaviors. The program aims at encouraging the emergence of future wildlife leaders.

Go Wild! contestants clean the seashore

Visit the Go Wild! Panama website to learn more about the program, and to view and download educational material made by children for children.

Kids play "GoFrogoly" - a game created by a Go Wild! Winner

As part of the Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership with Jane Goodall, Go Wild! was launched in June 2013 with the participation of teachers and conservation and science advisors. Over 200 contestants from nine schools prepared a diversity of projects with species and themes that included amphibians, reptiles, animal trafficking, the pet trade, habitat loss and destruction, marine and terrestrial mammals, birds, arachnoids, insects and more. Attracting major national media coverage, the projects were presented in a variety of forms including presentations, documentaries, campaigns, ecological clubs, websites, educational games, posters, and children's activity books.

Go Wild! winner Andrea hangs a poster in a local store

Go Wild! con Jane contest winners, teachers and judges spent an afternoon with Dr. Jane Goodall that began with a live worldwide webcast of a lively 90-minute conversation with Dr. Goodall sponsored by Aprendo, Panama's popular educational magazine for children.

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