Earth Train's Centro Mamoní, Mamoní Valley Preserve

Located in an area that is as sensitive economically as it is ecologically, Centro Mamoní is an ideal setting for the preparation of students and young professionals in the fields of sustainable economic and community development. A learning community dedicated to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity, the Centro Mamoní campus is advancing the understanding of what it really takes to achieve sustainable development in the context of poverty, social inequity and threatened environments throughout the world.

The facilities at Centro Mamoní are now being managed by the environmental and socially positive company Experience Mamoní.

Facilities - a Photo Tour

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Welcome to Earth Train's Centro Mamoni Comedor Comedor, relaxing space Comedor, students doing yoga Kitchen Kitchen: volunteer Mike Yarek cooking up some cashews Office: The New whiteboard Office: definitely in the jungle Garden: Fresh beds Garden Garden: Mark Knetsch tending the spinach Garden: Bean stringers Garden Garden Casa Quebrada, shower Casa Quebrada, upstairs Casa Quebrada, view of bathroom from upstairs Casa Hortensia Casa Hortensia Casa Hortensia, downstairs Casa Hortensia, upstairs Casa Vista Casa Vista, bathroom Native Species Garden: Path to Casa Águila Native Species Garden: Bridge over the creek Casa Mono Casa Mono living space Casa Mono bathroom Casa Águila Casa Águila: downstairs Casa Águila: bathrooms Casa Águila: downstairs Casa Águila: upstairs Wildlife at Centro Mamoní: a sloth Wildlife at Centro Mamoní: a White-Tailed Trogon Wildlife at Centro Mamoní: a tree frog Swimming Pool: The crew on the last day of construction Swimming Pool: Ready for action Micro Hydroelectric Plant Micro Hydroelectric Plant: batteries and inverter Micro Hydroelectric Plant: Turbine Workshop: production-scale, with giant sliding doors and wood working tools Workshop Workshop: Electric ATVs

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