News for January, 2015

Crossroads 2015 - Building on Success for Biocultural Leadership

By Kael Shipman 18 January, 2015

With the last ecos of the 2015 Panama Jazz Festival fading away, we step back to get a bigger perspective on another very successful visit from the Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences from Los Angeles, CA. This was Crossroads' third time to Panama and the Mamoní Valley Preserve, and we even had the pleasure of receiving several students who had attended last year's trip.

This year's curriculum began with a stay at Earth Train's Centro Mamoní, then included a city program to complement the students' experiences at the Panama Jazz Festival. We leveraged our time in the city to analyze the enormous changes—both positive and negative—that Panama is experiencing, and we took the kids on an intellectual journey through the contrasts between what they had experienced in the Mamoní Valley Preserve and what they were seeing in Panama's rapidly expanding urban sphere.

Here, a photo recap of the students' adventures in Panama:

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